12/01/2007  · Girls, I once had the luck of having a girl who loved to do dirty things with her body. But really nasty, you know, almost whorey. One time I came back from work and yes, it was sex time, I knew we were going to get it on.

27/04/2011  · what it feels like to get an rj – by me It tickles in an awesome, sloppy kind of way. You’re highly unlikely to encounter feces, but its still a pretty dirty practice; both in a.

In the hotel room we started making out. And more than the dance, the conversation in the elevator, or anything else that happened that night, I distinctly remember him on his knees minutes later.

Girls love to be eaten out. I’m a giver, she loves it when I eat her out. Guys be sure your girl gets clean down there before you goto the fish market, nobody likes to eat rotten tuna.

A lot of women don’t like getting eaten out because they’re insecure about how their pussies look. But, it’s the same story as it is with shaving. Getting head is an ode to your pleasure, a gesture that says "I sincerely want to please you and will put my own pleasure aside to do it." No one is going down there to judge how your vagina looks. They’re going down there to make you come. So let them.

Maybe Lena wrote the scene as she really isn’t into having her *ss eaten out – I mean – it is not like the clitoris is there. Maybe she did the scene as it was meant to be. Maybe she did the scene as it.

Pretty much what others have said, haha. Variation in position is what makes being eaten out great, but there’s something about being eaten from behind that is really sexy. The ability for the dude to switch from hole to hole and play with both in that position is great, not to mention it (as stupid as it sounds) has a sort of "surprise" element since you can’t see exactly what he’s doing.

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