The TKD is a variation of the Standard Ketogenic Diet and involves eating carbs strategically (carb loading typically 30 to 60 minutes before exercising). It’s a great way to replenish muscle glycogen [1]. The type of carbs you choose for your TKD is important and contrary to what you’re used to hearing for keto.

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Une semaine de repas cétogènes Voici quelques propositions de menus afin de vous donner des idées de repas Keto. Ce menu a été conçu pour une femme.

Targeted (TKD) and Cyclical (CKD) Keto Diets. Here’s what you need to know about keto diet variations for active lifestyles.

Boost Your Performance with MCTs. Recent studies show that the need for carbs before workouts may not be necessary. In fact, extra carbs before exercise may impair keto-adaptation and performance.

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If you work out pretty hard then you might want to do TKD or CKD. Exercise on Keto. The concern of people that exercise is that keto will affect their physical performance and while this isn’t true in the long run, in the short term you might experience a small drop. Your body needs a small amount of time to adjust. The good news is that studies (on trained cyclists) have shown that the ones.

We are keto enthusiasts. Everything we do is devoted to inspiring people to transform their lives by changing the way they eat and how they feel through the ketogenic way of eating.

One question I’m often asked on different forums and social media platforms is how to best use a ketogenic diet for performance and to build muscle.

Encore appelé «bulletproof coffee » ou café gras, le café latté cétogène est un véritable régal qui vous donnera envie de ne plus jamais sauter votre petit-déjeuner.