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WHAT YOU CAN ORDER – Includes 150 amazing keto fast food entrées with 7 net carbs or less. Covers all top 25 fast food chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Panda Express, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Jimmy John’s, Subway, etc.

Skillet bowls are little mini breakfast scrambles that normally contain eggs, potatoes, pico de gallo, and nacho cheese sauce. By holding the potato and replacing them with some options from below, this is a serious keto friendly option.

There is no denying the effectiveness of the keto diet. When you cut your carb intake down to 50 grams or less per day, your body has no choice but to burn more fat for fuel.

Choosing fast food that fits into your low-carb diet can be a challenge. This is especially true when the diet is carb restricted. Having a list of Keto-friendly fast food options can help you stay in ketosis and keep your carbs low.

Explainer Healthy eating The best keto fast food items at McDonald’s, In-N-Out, Taco Bell and more. You don’t have to ditch fast food if you’re on the keto diet.

With a menu chock-full of soups and salads, you could bet there would be a ton of keto-friendly options. However, the low carb options at Panera Bread are not as obvious as you’d think.

This is another great place to grab a keto-fied fast food meal and where the staff is comfortable knowing their low-carb menu options. They are one of the few spots to grab a keto breakfast on the go with their Low Carb Breakfast Bowl (8g net carbs) – a rich selection of egg, cheese, and meats.

A list of Melbourne keto cafe and restaurant options – where you can custom order to make a keto meal or order off the menu meal and stay keto clean.