The Subway chopped salad One thing that always sets Subway apart from the competition is that you eat fresh at all times, and you will have the opportunity to choose what lands on your plate. The Subway salad makes this a great Subway Keto option, even as you are on your diet.

Subway’s regular chopped salads clock in at 200-300 calories, except for the gut-busting keto star Chicken Bacon & Ranch, which has 540 calories, 40g fat, 32g protein, and 11g net carbs. AVOID the Meatball Marinara chopped salad, which will set you back 21g net cabs, including 12g sugar.

Top 13 Keto-Friendly Fast-Food Joints. Whether you’re out with friends or on a road trip, here are the best places to get your keto fast-food fix. #1. Subway. You can find a Subway in most neighborhoods, and although it’s a sub shop, you can turn any of their sandwiches into a salad, instantly slashing the carbs. Their salad portions are.

The keto diet is so popular now that most servers will be aware of low-carb dieting and your request shouldn’t be all that unusual. The best low-carb filling options at Subway are: Tuna Salad (7 net carbs, 24g fat, 15g protein) Veggie Delite® (7 net carbs, 1g fat, 3g protein) Chicken Salad.

Ordering a keto meal at Subway is just like that: it depends on your point of view. The pessimist would get upset because most sandwiches at Subway pack 30 to 60 g of carbs, which is unacceptable for the keto diet. The optimist, on the other hand, would say that Subway is the PERFECT place to get a mouth-watering and keto-friendly salad.

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Eating keto friendly at subway isn’t really that difficult in you stick to the salads. You can basically have any sandwich made into a low carb salad with the exception of.

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Yes you can eat Keto at Subway. There is offered low carb fare, you choose what you want on it minus the bread. Its served in a bowl. There is offered low carb fare,

I work at Subway, and lost about 40 pounds in 3 months by eating mostly salads there. Chicken. Bacon. Ranch. Salad. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, even drenched in ranch, and it’s very keto.

Subway allows you to make any sandwich into a salad. Then you just get meat and veggies that are all no-carb (or incredibly low carb) and a dressing like oil and vinegar and you are all set. 10g of carbs TOPS, but likely far less as iceburg lettuce allegedly only has 0.2g of carbs per 8g serving.