There is no denying the power to the keto diet. By cutting carbs from your meals, you force your body

These low-carb foods at Subway are keto-friendly, protect your waistline, and conform to established keto diet guidelines. Find ketogenic eats today.

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Avoid the bun and stay keto at Subway. Welcome to the Subway low carb ideas guide. So, you and your friends are at Subway and you think to yourself “what is keto friendly here at this Subway fast food restaurant?”.

Subway is a more healthy option compared to other fast food options available. It is not your typical sodium-rich, fat-laced burger with a side of deep fried fries.

Subway is one of the BEST fast-food chains for keto-dieters, and we’re dead serious about that.

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Chopped Salads. Subway has two types of chopped salads: “Fresh Fit” and regular. Fresh Fit salads have 60-170 calories and 7-9 net carbs – EXCEPT for the Sweet Onion Teriyaki, which boasts a bloated 30g net carbs and 23 grams sugar.

What’s the best low carb Subway salad? Our pick is the Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad (keto-friendly and tasty). Almost like a wedge salad, the bacon and ranch combo is one of the safest bets at any restaurant, and it is no exception here.