Fuel Scoops allow you to refuel your ship without landing. These come more important on larger ships because of the price of fuel, or for travelling large distances. More expensive versions will allow you to refuel faster. I recommend installing a Fuel Scoop because it stops you from being stuck in a system with no fuel.

Fuel scoops allow your ship to gather fuel from stars. The problem is not all star types are scoopable . The good news is, you’re not stuck to guessing which stars will give you fuel !

Running out of fuel is a constant risk within Elite: Dangerous if you do not remain aware of your fuel usage. Fuel is used with every ship action; merely having your modules switched on will use a tiny amount of fuel, with the amount required increasing with thruster use and supercruise travel.

The Viper, for example, can mount a size 3 scoop that scoops at 75kg/s max, and can infinitely scoop at around 40kg/s (as in, no heat gain). Also keep in mind that the scoop is on the bottom of your ship, so you’ll scoop slightly faster when your bottom is to the sun.

Since Elite Dangerous Beta 3 it has been possible to scoop fuel from stars to replenish your fuel tanks. This is useful if your ship has high fuel consumption and you dont want to (or cant!) pay for the normal refill at a station, or you are out exploring and there is no where to refuel!

Fuel is consumed by the power plant of a ship, where it is fused into helium. Fuel is stored on ships in fuel tanks. Fuel consists of hydrogen, most of which has been skimmed from main-sequence stars.

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Overview. Fuel scoops provide a quick and easy way to refuel the spacecraft without the need to purchase fuel from space stations. They combine a powerful magnetic field generator, an atomic sensor and a vacuum lock collector to actively suck hydrogen from the corona of a star.

If fuel scooping doesn’t work, and you’re gaining too much heat, then there’s a good chance that the star you’re attempting to scoop from doesn’t support fuel scooping. Certain classes of stars do not support fuel.

Fuel Scoops are ship modules used for the collection of fuel from various stars throughout the galaxy. Fuel Scooping [edit | edit source] Fuel scooping is automatically initiated by flying close enough to a suitable star during supercruise.