Hi, I’m Janine, and welcome to My belief is that everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle – body and mind. I believe the Keto diet, paired with a few other tools, is a fantastic way to achieve this goal.

Reading Plato’s Republic was difficult for me since so many of Socrates’ assertions are so obviously fallacious. At some points I wished with great longing to be his conversation partner, and I certainly would have said something other than “Yes Socrates, I couldn’t agree more!”

Stew Smith’s 1.5 -2 Mile Timed Run Training Program Psoas Stretch – Hips / Back – Change one leg of the Hurdler stretch above by bending the straightened leg 90 degrees behind you.

Demi Lovato s’assume en bikini sans retouche photo – I’m just literally sooooo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (yes the other bikini pics.

REAL cake and was.

Welcome 2 WEEK 3 Food for thought USING FOOD AS MEDICINE This week is a big one as you’ll be focusing on trying a new repertoire of dinner recipes.

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