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Searchable database. The information on enzyme functions is extracted directly from the primary literature.

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If no suitable non-active protein is available, block the active sites on the biosensor (for example, use biocytin to block Streptavidin and Super Streptavidin Biosensors). For more information on assaying protein-small molecule kinetics on the Octet platform, refer to ForteBio Technical Note No. 16 Small Molecule Binding Kinetics.


] bio-materials shall mean any proteins, cells, tissues and related materials derived from human sources that are used in vitro or ex vivo to assess pharmaco-kinetics properties of drug substances.

The study of enzyme kinetics is important for two basic reasons. Firstly, it helps explain how enzymes work, and secondly, it helps predict how enzymes behave in living organisms. The kinetic constants defined above, K M and V max, are critical to attempts to understand how enzymes work together to control metabolism.

We propose here KineticDB, a systematically compiled database of protein folding kinetics, which contains about 90 unique proteins. The main goal of the KineticDB is to provide users with a diverse set of protein folding rates determined experimentally.

Biomolecular Binding Kinetics assays on the octet Platform 4 Biosensor Description Anti-hIgg Fc capture (AHc) Immobilization of human Igg or other human Fc-containing proteins by binding to.

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Protein Chaperones (Heat Shock): Proteins that aid proteins in folding and unfolding. They unfold proteins so that they can get through a membrane intact, and then refold them on the other side. They unfold proteins so that they can get through a membrane intact, and then refold them on the other side.