Fuel Scoops allow you to refuel your ship without landing. These come more important on larger ships because of the price of fuel, or for travelling large distances.

Fuel Scoops are ship modules used for the collection of fuel from various stars throughout the galaxy. Fuel Scooping [edit | edit source] Fuel scooping is automatically initiated by flying close enough to a suitable star during supercruise.

02/01/2015  · Anyone know where i can buy a fuel-scoop? I must have visited 60 or 70 stations by now and not found one. Are there any systems that sell everything, or most things ?

A fuel scoop may one day be the difference between life and death for you. One careless jump too far, or realizing too late you’re multiple jumps from the nearest station, and you’re either 100% dead in the water, or just have to go scoop some fuel.

Bigger the class, better the rating of the fuel scoop, the faster it works. I use a class 4A on my Python because I don’t use it to jump all over. If I was planning a long trip, I would replace it for a class 6 to get better use out of it.

Is the fuel scoop actually on? For christ sake. Why do people refuse to believe their ‘perfect game’ might have a bug. I said I restarted the game and it worked.

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For Elite: Dangerous – 2.2/1.7 onward. The Fuel Rats recommend you never fly without a fuel scoop! Fuel scoops allow your ship to gather fuel from stars. The.

20/12/2014  · I use keyboard and mouse, so much easier, but I cannot find the key for the deployment of the fuel scoop. I have looked everywhere for it but still nothing, Anybody out there know what the key is?? I have looked everywhere for it but still nothing, Anybody out there know what the key is??